Off India’s southern coast is the little island country of Sri Lanka. Even though it’s small, it has a vibrant cultural history, which is evident in the food. The delicious combination of spices, aromatics, and fresh ingredients in Sri Lankan cuisine makes it a feast for the senses. This list of Srilankan Foods You Must Try is for you if you’re considering visiting the country or simply want to learn more about its cuisine.

Rice and Curry – The Heart of Srilankan Cuisine

Srilankan Foods You Must Try Best Culinary Journey to the Island Nation

The foundation of Sri Lankan cuisine is rice and curry, which is considered to be the country’s national meal. It consists of a plate of hot, steaming rice that is accompanied by a variety of curries and toppings. Often, a mixture of spices, coconut milk, fresh vegetables, meat, or seafood are used to make the curries. These are a few curries you absolutely must try:

  • Chicken curry – Tender chicken chunks in a thick, spicy sauce: chicken curry.
  • Dhal curry – Curry made with lentils called “dhal” is filling and tasty.
  • Beetroot curry – A sweet and savoury stew cooked with soft beets is called beetroot curry.
  • Pumpkin curry – Pumpkin curry is a creamy, fragrant dish that is ideal for autumn.

A Morning Favorite: Hoppers


In Sri Lanka, hoppers are a well-liked morning item. These are coconut milk and fermented rice flour pancakes that are thin and crunchy. A tiny wok-like pan is filled with the batter, which is then cooked until the outside are crispy and the middle is soft and spongy. Hoppers are typically served with a mild curry or a hot sambol. This is a Srilankan Foods You Must Try. The following are some hopper variations:

  • Egg Hoppers – Egg Hoppers are hoppers that have a cooked, broken egg in the middle of them.
  • String Hoppers – String Hoppers are hoppers composed of rice flour that have been squeezed into strands that resemble noodles.
  • Milk Hoppers – Hoppers prepared with a combination of rice flour and coconut milk are called “Milk Hoppers.”

Kottu – The Ultimate Street Food


Over a heated griddle, roti bread, veggies, and meat or fish are finely chopped to create the popular street dish known as kottu in Sri Lanka. Seeing the talented chefs cut the ingredients at breakneck speed is a show. The sound of the chopping is almost melodious. Kottu is the ultimate comfort dish and is typically served with a hot curry sauce. This is a Srilankan Foods You Must Try. Here are some of the kottu variations:

  • Chunks of roti bread, chicken, and vegetables make up Chicken Kottu.
  • Chopped roti bread, an egg, and vegetables make up Egg Kottu.
  • Chopped roti bread, cheese, and vegetables make up Cheese Kottu.

A Delicious and Light Dinner, String Hoppers

string hoppers1

Rice flour is used to make the thin noodles that makeup string hoppers, which are cooked in a circle. They are typically served with a spicy side dish called pol sambol and a curry made with coconut milk.

A Spicy Side Dish, Pol Sambol


Fresh coconut, chili peppers, onions, and lime juice are all ground together to create the hot side dish known as pol sambol. It is a traditional side dish for rice and curry and gives any dish a blast of flavour and spice. Pol sambol is also great whether eaten with toast or on its own. These are several pol sambol variations:

Red onions are used in Onion Sambol in place of coconut.
Made with the herb gotu kola, which is thought to have medicinal characteristics, comes the dish known as gotu kola sambol.

A Sweet and Sour Delight: Wambatu Moju

wambatu moju

In Sri Lanka, wambatu moju, a pickled sweet-and-sour eggplant dish, is a favorite side dish. Sliced eggplant is fried until golden brown, and it is then simmered in a sweet-sour sauce composed of vinegar, sugar, and spices. Wambatu moju offers a splash of color to any meal and goes well with rice and curries.

A tangy and spicy fish curry called Fish Ambul Thiyal

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A delicacy of Sri Lanka’s coastal areas is fish ambul thiyal, a sour and fiery fish stew. Fish chunks are cooked in a thick, fragrant sauce after being marinated in a mixture of spices, vinegar, and tamarind paste. The meal is a must-try for seafood lovers and is typically served with rice.

Kiribath: A Holiday Dish

Milk rice

A common meal eaten during festivals and other events in Sri Lanka is kiribath. It is prepared by cooking rice in coconut milk until it is creamy, molding it into cakes, cutting it, and serving it with a variety of savory and sweet sides. A delicious meal that can be eaten at any hour of the day is kiribath.

A Dutch-inspired Dessert Called Lamprais

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A special meal called lamprais is a combination of Dutch and Sri Lankan cooking. It is prepared by baking a banana leaf-wrapped mixture of rice, meat, and veggies until it is tasty and soft. The meal, which is frequently served with a side of sambol, is a must-try for anyone who wants to sample Sri Lanka’s many culinary influences. It is best Srilankan Foods You Must Try.

Sweets from Sri Lanka: A Sugar Rush


There are many sweet delights to choose from in Sri Lanka that are sure to sate any sweet taste. Desserts that you absolutely must try include:

  • Kiri-Pani is a coconut milk and jaggery-based delicacy that is sweet and creamy.
  • A decadent custard made with coconut milk, jaggery, and spices is called watalappan.
  • A cake called bibikkan is created with a mixture of spices, coconut, and jaggery.


Is Sri Lankan food spicy?
A: Sri Lankan food is well renowned for using a variety of spices and may be fairly hot. There are many milder options available, albeit not all dishes are spicy.

A: Are there vegetarian options in Sri Lankan food?
A: There are several vegetarian options in Sri Lankan cuisine, such as curries prepared with vegetables, lentils, and coconut milk.

Are Sri Lankan confections overly sweet?
A: Srilankan desserts are typically sweeter than other desserts, but they are wonderful and provide the ideal counterpoint to the spicy and savory foods found in the cuisine.


It is well worth one’s time to investigate the various flavours and cooking techniques that can be found in Sri Lankan cuisine. The cuisine of Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of foods, ranging from savoury curries to sweet delicacies, all of which are sure to excite and delight your taste buds. In Sri Lanka, there is an abundance of food to pick from, and this includes both seafood and vegetarian options for those who prefer not to eat meat. The cuisine of Sri Lanka is a gastronomic adventure that should not be skipped because of its one-of-a-kind combination of spices and fresh ingredients. Hence, if you ever get the chance to travel to Sri Lanka or find yourself at a restaurant that serves Sri Lankan cuisine, make it a point to order at least one of each of these dishes. Your tongue and taste senses will be grateful to you for it.

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